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Born January 1996. He is a Mikala and Romeo son, and has her bone and movement. He loves everyone he meets. He is a very impressive in appearance and carries his large size well. He is OFA Excellent, like his mom and grandfather. He is a proven sire with multiple champion offspring. He had defeated many specials in his young, limited showing career. Watch for him in the group ring!

Lucas turned 8 years old in 2004, and really turned it up a notch with Jim and Kim Hatten. He has been an incredible dog to be around, willing to do anything. He has shown the true versatility of the breed by not only being a show, obedience, temperament tested dog, but also a therapy dog. He has been top 20 in the rankings four times. Top 10, twice and Top 4 in 2003. He was invited to the AKC Eukanuba National Championship and Westminster and did a great job there in 2004. Thanks to the Hattens for giving Lucas every opportunity to shine!

OFA Excellent 
Large Bone
Great Movemen


Born July 1994. He is a Pepsi and Raja son. Shaq has a "Lap dog" temperament. Excellent movement, front and rear. Shaq finished his American Championship before 11 months of age in June 1995. Finished his Puerto Rican Championship at the 1997 World Show with excellent ratings. Won Award of Merit at the 1998 GSCA National and Midwest Regional Specialties. Finished his Canadian Championship with back to back to back Group IV's in 1998. We put 2x BISS and 1 RBIS and International title on Shaq at the International shows in 1999. He had a great year in 1999, multiple group placements and finishing the year #1 GS breed dog, #2 GS, and #1 owner handled GS. He showed at Westminster in February 2000. Shaq is a proven sire as of July 1998. He is 27.75" and 94 pounds, with good bone, great coat, OFA excellent, and eyes CERFed. As you can see Shaq is ALL KEYSTONE (in name, breeding, co-ownership and co-handled) and he is another example of what a good breeding program can do.

#1 Owner Handled Giant 1999
#1 Giant Schnauzer Breed Dog 1999
OFA Excellent

Heir Apparent

Am/Rus/Intl.Ch.Keystone's Heir Apparent X (Erin) is a son from Mikala's last litter. His sire is Am/Can Ch. Skansen's Tartuffe TT, who has won the GSCA Top Twenty event 2 years in a row. Tar ranked #25 in 1997, #14 in 1998, #11 in 1999, and #2 in 2000. Erin has a sister in Argentina with Dr. Bravo, in NC with John and Dena Gertz, and a champion sister in OK with Stephanie Papp. Erin finished his American championship in 2001, his International title in 2002, and is getting ready to start his specials career. He is 27.5" tall and 90 pounds.

Erin has produced a son (Pl. Champion Keystone's Jim Morrison) that was sent to Poland became a Champion and has done some very nice winning. He has even produced champion offspring in Poland and Germany.

Erin came back from Russia, (after picking up his 3rd title) where he spent a year with one of the top kennels in the world, Gently Born. While there, Erin was selectively shown by Anna Vlasova, and used in her breeding program and other breeders in Europe. While these pups are young, some are doing some nice winning. We are proud of what Anna did with him. Erin is available for stud services at Keystone to selective females. Please contact us for details.

Excellent Temperament
Excellent Coat
Short Back


Champion Gloris R Wiseguy Keystone (Vinney) is an import from the famous Gloris kennel in Russia. He came to us at 10 weeks of age, in 2000. Vinney has been an exceptional boy and has demanded my attention every opportunity he could. He is a large boy, just over 28 inches and weighs over 105 pounds. He has produced very well with every thing he has bred and has over 10 champions offspring, of which one (NA AM CH Hatten's As You Wish - Westley) is strongly challenging for the #1 GS for 2005 in breed and all-breed points. He may end up 2nd, but what a great year he and Jim Hatten Jr. had! Two others to watch here at Keystone are Strider and Hanna. Co-owners have Ruby, Annie, Riley and Vixin that are being shown currently. I predict Vinney has much more to offer in his future and will influence many breeders programs. He is a son of Multi Champion Gloris Arizona Bill and Multi Champion Stablemaster's Amuzing Amanda. He is available to selective females. Contact us for details.

Strong front
Excellent producer
Short Back


Basie is another Vinney and Royce son . He is Strider and Hannah's brother, whelped November 17,2003. He finished winning 4 majors. He is 27.5 inches tall and just under 27 inches long. He is very fun loving and enjoys doing agility and going to camp with his owner Monica Brown. He is OFA Clear and available to approved bitches.

Large boned
Nice structure/head
Great coat

Carlos Santana

Champion Keystone's Carlos Santana HD is one of Royce's many champion offspring, whelped in 2002. He is from her second litter. His sire is Am/Can Ch. Skansen's Tartuffe TT, who has won the Top Twenty event 2 years in a row. Tar ranked #25 in 1997, #14 in 1998, #11 in 1999, and #2 in 2000. Carlos is 27.5 inches tall and square. He weighs 100 pounds. He is a really nice show dog, with alot of energy. Containing that energy sometimes is the challenge! His first year out as a special (2004) he finished #4 in the breed rankings and was invited to the Eukanuba Classic in Tampa (2005 and 2006) and Westminster in New York(2005). His future looks very promising as he is only 2.5 years old. He is OFA good and Penn Hip .30 in each hip. He will be available to selective females in 2006. Contact us for details.

Excellent Temperament
Excellent Movement
Proper Structure


Juan is a son from Rolls Royce's last litter. His sire is Multi champion Gently Born Grand Prix. He is a happy boy that wants to please. He is following in his father's footsteps by beating specials while a class dog. He was whelped January 24, 2005. Juan is 27 1/2 inches tall and 100 pounds. His brother Samson is being shown by his owner Alto. Both Juan and Samson are Champions. If interested in his stud services, please inquire.

Beautiful movement
Excellent coat
Working ability

Lord of the Ring

Ch. Keystone's Lord of the Ring (Strider) was whelped 11/17/03 from Ch. Keystone's Winsome Rolls Royce's 3rd litter. His sire is our nice producer, Ch. Gloris R Wiseguy Keystone (Vinney). We expect him to follow in 2 of his half-brothers in the show ring. Royce has had a conformation Top 5 contender in each of her first two litters-Shelby (out of Geronimo) ended up #7 in 2003, and Carlos (out of Tartuffe) was #4 in 2004 and received an invitation to Eukanuba National Championship in Florida in 2005 and 2006, and Westminster in 2005- which he attended.

Strider is a large male (28" square), weighing around 100 pounds at 2 years of age, large bone, heavy furnishings, large head and super outgoing personality. Strider finished his championship early, passed his OFA, and is waiting for his time in the ring as a Special and as a sire.

2005 was a difficult year for us personally, which included a move, so Strider was given time to mature. We look forward to some fun showing him starting in 2006.

Large bone/tall
Super Outgoing Personality
Large Head


Ch. Skyward Keystone's vom Horren (Sky) was whelped 11/21/03 in Germany by Astrid and Hans Peter Werner. We were very excited to be given the opportunity to import Sky. When he arrived in US, he still had uncropped ears and full tail. He looked funny at first. He finished his Am Championship at 2 and certified OFA Good. He has good bone and substance, great movement and drive. We look forward to his future as a Stud, because of his pedigree. He will be available to approved bitches only.

Large, 28" tall, short back
Large Rectangular Head
Proper Coat


Annie Lennox

Annie is another Vinney champion daughter out of Rosa, a Royce daughter. She is a natural earred girl co-owned with Diane Dillon. She has a lot of drive and has practiced agility, obedience, and tracking. We are planning her entry into motherhood. She is around 75 pounds and 25.5 inches tall. She was whelped April 23, 2004. November 15, 2008 was Annie's new title, NAJ. Proud of you and Diane.

Beautiful mover
Great temperament
Nice structure


Champion Keystone's Belle of the Ball has grown up nicely. Belle is one of the four champions from Maddy and our boy Vinney. She finished her championship on schedule beating some very nice females along the way. She was whelped on 10/15/02, passed her OFA and is ready for her next venture- the whelping box. Watch for her first litter in 2006. She is 25.5" tall, square, and very strong.

Excellent Temperament
Powerful mover
Large bone


Ch. Hatten's Boomerang Keystone (Boomer) was whelped on 3/6/03. She is a Lucas daughter and has his outgoing personality. We are very excited about her next venture (the whelping box) as she combines both of our foundation girls. She is 25.5" tall and weighs around 75 pounds. She is OFA good.

Great movement
Super temperament
Good structure

 Lady Eowyn

Keystone's Lady Eowyn of Ring (Hanna) was whelped on 11/17/03. She is a full sister to Ch. Keystone's Lord of the Ring and Ch. Keystone's Basie in Birdland from Royce and Vinney's litter. She was held back from showing, so that her brothers and others could be shown. She has matured into a super nice girl and we are excited about showing her. She has an OFA Good. She will be shown in 2008.

Excellent Structure
Proper Proportions
Great movement


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