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last updated: 06/01/09


This has been a fast year.  We had one foal, Kobe, from Luxi and Uncle Sam. He was coal black when foaled and should turn gray.  He has been photographed more than any animal we have ever owned.  He has his own face book page!  He has the conformation we bred for and his temperament is equally impressive.  We are kind of proud of him!.

We went to the World Show again. Dolly got me to even show.  Can't say that I performed at the same level I did at dog shows, but I gave it the Keystone try.  We competed in ACTHA again and Dolly and I were both ranked in top 10 in KY.  The competitive trail rides are fun, but the views are really what are great. 

We did have another litter of pups this year- whelped on 12/12/12.  Kerry and Kam's first litter each.  They were really nice and we will repeat it.  I especially enjoy the breeding part of our hobby.  The economics is the hard part. 


Things have been very busy keeping up with the dogs and horses and jobs!  We have not had time to show the giants as the schedules do not allow predictable planning.  So, Kam, Kerry, and Gia are enjoying the easy life.  Hopefully, things will improve and let us get back in the ring.  We have been showing the Mountain Horses some (World Shows) and some ACTHA trail rides, and local rides.  We have been promoting the Rocky Mountain breed just like we did the Giant Schnauzer and are proud of them.  If you want to learn more about either, just give us a call and we can talk Keystone- dogs and horses of Eminence.


There has been some great news to update on successes several Keystone kids have had.  I will try to update here as I find time and remember the facts.

Jim and Joanna Kemper have been working hard with their boys (Rambo and Baron) in obedience and have made great strides.  Keep up the good work.

We had puppies in June.  Very happy with them.  Dolly has her new girl, Gia, and her sister Kerry are our next stars.  Dolly has really put the time into training Gia and she can do a lot of amazing things.


Diane has been working hard with Annie and Rock It and it has paid off.  They both have picked up more performance titles.  Keystone's Sky Rock It-AS, TT and Ch. Keystone's Annie Lennox RN, NA, NAJ, CGC, TT.   Great job.

International Kennel Club of Chicago shows results:  Congratulations to General and Lisa and Chuck for General's winners dog and Best Bred By Breed win and Group 3!  Also, congrats to Rock It and Diane for Rock It's Bred By class wins and Reserve Winners Bitch win.  She was in competition for Bred By Breed also, but was beaten by General.  Reni's first shows were this weekend.  She did well the first day, but was a little unsure of things.  We still have high hopes for her!!  She just needs more ring time.  Another congrats to Annie and Diane for her completing 2 legs of her Rally title.  Bubba and Steve have been doing great things in  performance events.  I just learned that he is ranked in Agility standings.  To date, Bubba has earned the following titles: NA,NAJ,NF,OA,OAJ,OF,AX,XF and 2 legs of MXF as of 2/12/09.  They are quite stunning to watch run the coarse.  We are very proud of all our 'kids'.

Rock It won Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite at Sunday's show in Grayslake. Here is a picture of her.   The picture on the right is of Reni, who we plan to start showing next.


Grayslake will be our first shows for the year.  Hoping this year is better for everyone.  Hanna is due to whelp around 2/8/09, and many are excited about the prospects in her litter.


Lisa and Chuck's boy, General, won one day at Crete (2 pts.) and one day at the Christmas Cluster of 3 (3 pt. major).  The judge made a point of how nice he was by pulling a top 5 special out to consider for breed win.  Watch for General and Rock It in 2009.

Dolly had a litter from Piper and DJ this year and she had one really nice female-Solo.  She went to a repeat GBG home in Chicago and may end up in the show ring in 2009!  Good luck Barb.

November brought Annie and Diane another title--NAJ!  Congrats on your accomplishment!

We went to the Nationals in Gray Summit, MO and showed two young ones, General (Lisa Mackin) and Rock-It (Diane Dillon) with pretty good success.  They were in the ribbons every class, I believe.  Rock-It is from Annie and Sky's litter of 2007 and is Diane's first litter as co-breeder.  

Samson (Alto Smith) and Juan have been specialed on a limited basis.  Not because of success, but limitations of myself.  Unemployment has impacted my hobby!!! 


Samson (Alto Smith) and Juan finished their championships, both going Best of Breed several times.

Had litters with Echo (Sky), Annie (Sky), and  Boomer (Vinnie). This will be Echo's last.  Really nice puppies in each litter.

This has been a tough year financially and we were not able to show much.  We are hopeful that 2008 will be better.  When we did show, we had some very nice wins.  Samson taking a Group I and the crowd was really behind him.  They were commenting on how the schnauzer was going to take show!!!!  But not to be.


Belle/Sky's litter has 5 hopefuls for the show ring. Best of luck to all.

Riley, Samson and Juan are AKC pointed. Juan won BOW both days his first weekend out and BOS over a special on the second day. He will be at the Nationals/Midwest Specialty also.

Annie (Diane Dillon) and Basie (Monica Brown) finished their American Championships and have done selective specialing. Both are going to compete at the GSCA Nationals and Midwest Specialty in MO.

Champion watch: Conformation hopefuls: Annie, Ruby, Riley, Bubba to continue their careers. Basie, Hanna, Rory, Vixin, Samson, Juan to start theirs.

We are looking forward to a new and exciting year. New kennel and hopefully new careers. We have several Keystone kids to finish/assist owners in this journey. We plan to put on other titles on our dogs. We are going to try to attend major show in Poland and meet and visit with European breeder friends. We will continue to strive to produce top quality pups that are healthy, happy, and intelligent for our loyal friends and the new ones we have yet to meet.


Carlos invited for the second time to Eukanuba National Championship in Tampa, FL.

Several Keystone kids started their show careers (Ruby, Riley, Annie, Bubba) and Echo earned some performance titles (CD,TD). Keep up the good work Robert!

Erin came home and Grinja left for his home. It was a great experience and an enjoyment having such a nice dog visit us. Thanks again Anna.

Sold our Plainfield home to a developer, purchased Minooka property, started our new kennel on 5 acres.

Strider, Grinja, and Sky became American Champions.

May-Jamaica and Vinney whelped 8 puppies!

April-Echo and Grinja whelped 4 puppies!

January-Royce and Grinja (DGentli Bon Grand Prix) just whelped 8 puppies!

Anna Vlasova just informed us of our boy Erin earning his Russian Championship in January. He has also sired his first European puppies. Thank you Anna! Great job.

Mr. David Frei of Westminster KC was promoting the show in Chicago and invited some top dogs to be interviewed for ChicagoTV. Carlos was one of those dogs. We did a live show on January 20th. It was a very short slot, but was very rewarding.

At the Eukanuba Classic in January, a Vinney son named Westley, won an Award of Excellence. Thank you Jim and Kim Hatten and Doug and Kim Cole for allowing him the opportunity to compete in this major show.

In mid-January, our next hopeful, Strider (Keystone's Lord of the Ring) was entered in his second Match of his young career. At the Elgin KC Match he won a Group 1. He won Best in Match in early summer 2004, at his first match. We think he will continue the winning ways of his two previous 1/2 brothers (Shelby and Carlos) from their top producing mother, Rolls Royce. His real show career will start at the IKC shows in Chicago in late February.

We are extremely excited about this year and the opportunities ahead of us. After a rough ending in 2004, we look forward to a great year. Maybe even do something in New York? Who knows......


Lucas was shown sparingly, but did when a couple of BIS's at International shows. We  are so proud of him and the Hatten's for their accomplishments with this boy.

Carlos accomplished alot in his first year out as a special, ending the year ranked 4th, even though he was not shown much after September (due to a family tragedy). He won many group placements through the year, ending with two group placements in Kankakee Illinois (Group 4 and Group 1). He was invited to the Eukanuba Classic in Tampa and Westminster in New York.

Drago won winners dog at the Southern Regional.

We had the good fortune to acquire Sky from the Horren Kennel in Germany. We have high expectations for him and his impact in our breeding program. Thank you Astrid and Tine for allowing us to bring Sky to Keystone.

Erin took a trip to Russia to live with Ms. Anna Vlasova of the world famous Gently Born kennel. He will be selectively shown in Europe and be used at stud. He will hopefully leave his legacy there as well.

Multi titled DGentli Bon Grand Prix Sch1 has come to live at Keystone through 2005. We hope to put a couple of titles on him as well as have him sire some litters. He has a German Sch.1 title which shows his working ability. We are excited to have him here with us. Thank you Anna for allowing us this opportunity.


Lucas finished the year ranked 4th- at 8 years of age. He was invited to Westminster and made a great showing there.

Shelby did very well competing most of the year in the top 5, finishing ranked 7th.

Carlos though very young, competed strongly against the older boys, and one judge told us that in a few months he would be beating the specials. He will get his chance in 2004.

Erin sired a boy named Jim Morrison that went to Poland with the kennel Nerita. He earned many titles and sired some champions himself.


  • Update on the International Kennel Club shows held at McCormick Place February
    21-24, 2002.

    Overall, we did pretty well, and had some fun too.

    Thursday,2/21, we showed Maddie and while she did well, we didn't win. There was very stiff competition with several of the Nations Top Ranked in attendance. I also showed a Samoyed, Tia , who took a third place.

    Friday,2/22, Shelby won winners dog for a 4 point major (and his brother, Zydeco won reserve) and Shelby also won Best Bred by Exhibitor and a Group I, but lost Best In Show to a Mini Schnauzer. I also won a 4 point major with a Vizsla and a second place with Tia, the Samoyed.

    Saturday, 2/23, Shelby's brother Zydeco won reserve to a 4 point major and Best Puppy. (His brother Rommel won second and Shelby third-all 3 brothers finished 1-2-3 both Sat and Sun). Sister Rosa took a second in her class. "Z" also won a Puppy Group I , but lost to a Wire Fox terrier in Best in Show. I am co-breeder of the Winners bitch, which also won a 4 point major.

    Sunday, 2/24, Shelby won the major (4 point) and Zydeco was reserve. Rommel took 3rd to his two brothers and Rosa took a third also in her class. Gypsy took a fourth in very stiff open competition. Shelby also won the Puppy class and made the cut in Group, but was not in the final placements. He had tired out and didnt have the spark ( it was 3 long days).

    All in all, it was good. 3 boys and 1 girl from same litter, all got alot of attention and took home 3 majors and two group I's. 1 girl out of Keystone breeding also winning her major.

    I am very proud of all the Keystone dogs, their owners, groomers, and handlers. Everyone chipped in very well together and made for a good showing.

    thank you all.


  • To date we have exported to: Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, & Poland.
    And imported from: Canada, Russia, & Poland
  • "Kobe" added another title to his American Champion, becoming an International Champion
  • "Skyler" became an International Champion and an American Champion. She won RBIS to follow in her dad's footsteps (winning 2 BISS and 1 RBISS). Skyler will now spend time in the whelping box this winter.
  • Keystone's Testerosa (Royce/Moe daughter) won Best Puppy in Match in Batavia this summer at her first time out, and first time on a show lead!
  • Keystone's Alibi In the Night (Vicki/Lucas daughter) won a Group I in Davenport Puppy Match at her first match.
  • Gloris Russian Ikon-Ike won a Group I also in Davenport Puppy Match-Adult.
  • Ch. Keystone's Blackberry Twist became a Champion and was in the top 10 for part of the year and has been top 20 for the majority of the year.
  • Several of our kids have earned their CDs this year. As I get confirmation, I will Add their names.
  • Keystone's Lady Madeline-"Maddie" went BOB over top Specials in Wilmot WI for a 5 point major
  • GSCA Midwest Specialty was held in Manitowoc, WI this year. At the Specialty on Saturday: Maddie was RWB, Skyler and Erin both won an AWARD of MERIT. Then at the Supported Entry on Sunday, Maddie won BOW for a 5 point major, becoming a new Champion.






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